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Be sure to check back often to see what new and exciting things are happening at Fountain Hills High School. Our students are constantly making headlines, and we want to share their news with you.

Community Service Hours for Graduation

Fountain Hills High School believes that educating students includes teaching them the importance of being involved in their community. We require 24 hours of community service for high school graduation. Please see our student community service agreement for more information. Please submit your community service hours to Jodi Langworthy at the administration reception desk. The deadline to submit community service hours is Friday, April 28, 2017.

FHHS Science Fair

More photos about FHHS Science FairOver 450 students from the high school participated in the 2017 FHHS Science Fair on March 3, 2017. They presented over 160 tri-folds and papers over two days to their instructors. They announced the winners at the open house on Friday night. In all, they gave out five first place awards. The top three research papers each received trophies. We offer special congratulations to the following students:

  • Laura Anderson and Kaitlyn Laessig: Music as Medicine (Behavioral) - First Place and First Place Overall
  • Samuel Aker, Simon Edwards, Bruce Ferguson, and Robert Cole: The Dip Theory (Physics) - First Place and Second Place Overall
  • Riley Gant: Where's the Beef (Bio-Chemistry) - First Place and Third Place Overall
  • Charlotte Tornee and Kailey McMahon: How Different Drinks Affect Recovery (Bio-Med) - First Place and Fourth Place Overall
  • Parker Smout, Jaryn Rodriguez, and Jenna Rodriguez: Chickens: Store Feed vs Table Scraps (Animal) - First Place and Fifth Place Overall

The first place winners will all be competing at the state competition on Wednesday, April 12 at the Phoenix Civic Center. Mrs. Neaton, Mrs. Robinson, and Dr. McElligott are very proud of all the student presentations. The research club of Fountain Hills High School, led by Dr. Paul McElligott, sponsored the science fair.