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Testing Dates

Here you will find our testing dates for the upcoming testing season. This year the Arizona Department of Education decided to only test sophomores in both English and math and rename the test, AzM2. Regardless of what math class a sophomore enrolls, they will need to take the new AzM2 test. In addition, any students enrolled in biology will need to take the AIMS Science exam. We have spread out the exams to allow students a break between sessions and have scheduled plenty of make-up exam opportunities. It is critically important that we test at least 95% of all students. Please call or stop by with any questions.

  • AIMS Science: March 25 and 26
  • AzM2 Writing: April 2 and 3
  • AzM2 Reading: April 8 and 9
  • AzM2 Math: April 16 and 17