Our School

We enjoy sharing the many things about Fountain Hills High School that make us unique:

  • Our size: FHHS is a small (550 students in grades 9–12), community-based school with the programs and opportunities of a “big city” school.
  • Our community: We enjoy strong partnerships with our parents and community members. From the Town of Fountain Hills to small business partners to our parents, our community takes its role in public education seriously.
  • Individualization: With a smaller student body, our staff members are able to support students’ individual needs in creative and innovative ways.
  • Our close-knit campus community: Our student body values the familiarity, safety, and collegiality of our small school.
  • Crown-jewel programs: All of our courses and activities are excellent at FHHS. However, the following specialty programs earned their place in the spotlight for the high degree of creativity, innovation, and measurable success they demonstrate.
    • AP Capstone™: Our most rigorous program study that allows students to earn a diploma from the College Board.
    • AVID: The AVID program helps students attain the skills and opportunities to be accepted to, and successful in college.
    • Band and choir: highly decorated and central to the school’s culture and visibility
    • Fine arts: award-winning artists (staff and students!) with exemplary record post-secondary placement and success
    • Advanced placement & honors courses: 24 weighted courses to challenge the academically gifted
    • Robotics & engineering: Nationally recognized and decorated competitive robotics team
    • Athletics: Arizona Division III State Champions in baseball (2001, 2002, 2004, 2013), boys basketball (2005, 2006, 2007, 2017), girls soccer (2014, 2016, 2017), volleyball (1997, 2016), girls tennis (2003, 2006), boys tennis (2000, 2004), girls basketball (2014), and girls track and field (2016). We were recognized for overall excellence by the AIA in 2013 and 2014.
    • Service & leadership: More than 200 students participate in the following service and leadership organizations: Key Club, Falcon Leadership, Student Government, and National Honor Society.
    • Special education: Exemplary record of inclusion, accommodation, and support for students with unique, special needs
  • Student life and extracurricular programs: Students and parents rave about our extracurricular opportunities. We offer a list of sports and clubs that is comparable to that of any “big school” in the valley.
  • Our beautiful campus: Come take a tour of our campus, and you will discover one of the most picturesque school settings in the country. When originally built in 1992, the architects took tremendous care to capitalize on the natural beauty of the land and the vistas that surround us. We were named one of the Valley's Most Beautiful Schools by the Arizona Republic in 2014.
  • Our graduates: Fountain Hills High School graduates are smart, competitive, and successful in their college and career pathways after high school.