Fountain Hills High School is committed to increasing student achievement for all students. To help us do that, we have partnered with the Vail Unified School District to offer Beyond Textbooks (BT) as part of our curriculum this year. Becoming a BT partner gives teachers access to curriculum materials and assessments that are fully aligned to the most essential state standards.

About Our Program

We are committed to helping all students grow and achieve academically. Part of our commitment entails providing additional instructional time during the school week to support these efforts. On Tuesday and Thursday each week we will offer “Reteach,” a one hour opportunity after school from 2:30 p.m. until 3:20 p.m. for students who are struggling to achieve mastery get the additional help they need.

Beyond Textbooks provides our math teachers short assessments over essential state standards. Any students who have not yet mastered a given essential standard, will be given the opportunity to be retaught the material during Reteach on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. This is an opportunity to better understand the content and improve student grades. Sometimes students just need a little more time, or the material explained in a different way, before they can demonstrate their full understanding of a concept. 

If students demonstrate mastery of an essential standard initially, then they will not be assigned to Reteach. However, students who do not show mastery on a formative assessment (quiz) will be assigned to Reteach on Tuesday and Thursday the next week. We will provide late bus transportation on Tuesday and Thursday for Reteach time. The bus driver will make stops based on a modified bus schedule; that bus schedule is attached to this letter. Parents are welcome to pick students up or allow their student to go home their regular way at the conclusion of Reteach.

Attendance during Reteach is mandatory, but students may work with their respective teacher to set up another Reteach time. Students who miss Reteach will need to make up that time at a later date. Failure to complete Reteach requirements during the semester will result in an incomplete grade until the requirements have been met. We understand that students may have conflicts, and we are more than willing to work with them to find a solution. We truly care about your child and want them to succeed, and our teachers are committed to staying after school to provide additional instruction. We are simply providing a solution for students who need one.

Fountain Hills High School is excited about this new opportunity to help move all students forward and give extra support to students as they demonstrate mastery of math content. We will certainly communicate more about BT and Reteach as we roll it out. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.